Sonntag, 11. November 2007

jert the swamp thing


nELSÖN! hat gesagt…

Nice one Bernie, i have added your link on my blog. Maybe next year we see again in Oosterbeeck and maybe Euro Championship it would be great Portugal x Austria!

Niall O loughlin hat gesagt…

Hey great meeting you also, you're to sexy to be a man! talk soon dude,,love Niall xxxx

bernd weidenauer hat gesagt…

hey nelson, hi niall,

thanx for putting me on your blog. will be conected to you...
hope not for austria vs. portugal, there´s not much fun for portugese players (they will win 11:0!!!)
hey nial, i thought you are happy married and have kids! anyway come over,hehe.


geronimo hat gesagt…

oh, not so good! great painting. but why the swamp thing? greetings from the twofaced man.